What we offer/ Who we are

GLOCONSOL, which stands for Global Concept Solutions, is a combination of an inventive thinker, a knowledge broker and an open innovator with liquid knowledge broker and opportunity recognition as an area of expertise. We can transport existing concepts or develop opportunities with or without an open innovation structure. A widespread view of the big industry and future markets will become a source of new ideas to develop new concepts and opportunities. All in order to provide our clients with an external source of information for the innovative development of services and products.


We believe that everyone holds a piece of the puzzle in their hand.

Gloconsol brings all those pieces together as an initiator and stimulator of developments.

Gloconsol treasures diversity and aims to generate an open, collaborative working environment in which professionals are continuously challenged to think and learn. Teamwork, empowerment, open communication, trust, and growth come naturally to our capable staff. When integrity is a top priority, the natural result is mutual respect and transparency. This framework encourages creativity and the possibility of solutions.

The needs and requirements of our clients are of the utmost importance. Therefore, we encourage clients to share their own views on relevant issues.

(our) Philosophy

We believe that through the process of liquid thinking and being capable of high adaptability, that through these characteristics a company will be able to move forward in a continuously changing world in an organic and dynamic way.

We think change itself is relevant and necessary, but only if it means genuine added value for society. We consider this our most essential investment and operating philosophy within ethical standards.

As initiators in Business Development, our business philosophy revolves around three key concepts: sustainability, adaptability, and co-operation. These three key concepts ensure that we are responsive to customer needs and adaptive to market developments by generating trust-based relationships. We generate lasting and cost-effective business solutions that can adapt to an ever-changing market.