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Opportunity Scan

To some innovation simply means developing new products or services and to others, the focus of innovation is on the generation prioritization, and development of radically new ideas. No matter which view you prefer, new ideas eventually should lead to new or improved products or services. Generating opportunities and good ideas require adequate process and good learning abilities. Our specialty regarding the opportunity scan is the generation of new ideas. We offer an Opportunity Scan which will show the possibilities of developing innovative opportunities. Scanning the environment in the current industry will provide the user with new leads for opportunities in the areas of new product and service development, or show potential improvements in products and services. It can be highly valuable to add services to existing products or to internalize innovations from other industries with adaptations to the client’s industry.

Gloconsol will perform global desk research, yielding a thorough understanding of the client and the current industry. This research consists of several steps, starting with an internal scan to create an understanding of the current situation. This will be achieved by internal surveys, interviews and analyzing additional corporate information. The second phase of the scan consists of an external scan which focuses on the market environment. This scan will provide further insights on events and other important factors in the market. Within this scan, the level of technology is highly important and therefore Gloconsol will observe knowledge institutions, like universities, seminars, and congresses. Gloconsol will provide an outside industry view by scanning the market environment on important signals, giving a better overview of the ‘big picture’. The internal and external scan will result in a good understanding of the current situation with respect to technologies, competition and a firm’s own internal core business and strategy in combination with industrial and technology crossings which will provide the client with leads for future developments and innovative opportunities.

Process opportunity scan

1. Questionnaire:
Organization, Strategy, Customers, Opportunities, Relation

2. External Scan:
Market analysis, Information sources, Knowledge brokering, Competition analysis

3. Process Development:
Scenario thinking, Infrastructure, Target group analysis, Added value

4. Results:
What, How, Why, Who, When

Inventive thinking with a wide cognitive perception will result in recognition of opportunities in new markets through the generation of radical ideas or in improvements of existing new radical ideas or improvements of existing activities, which otherwise will be left unexplored.