Gloconsol services

Concept Development

The world holds an infinitive number of opportunities, however, only a few are actually developed. This leaves a room for further development of new ideas. These ideas do not merely mean new products with a marketing campaign and a focus on sales performance; it entails the development of concepts beneficial to the whole society. Many concepts have an impact on factors like policy-making, national and personal security, medical breakthroughs, legislation etc. Gloconsol holds a proactive approach towards the development of concepts through all these areas meaning from own initiative contacting organizations and other interested parties, either to create a platform facilitating open innovation or to create an awareness of the possibility of certain concept developments. Every organization has a level of expertise, governmental institutions are for instance concerned with security while business cases have a focus on growth and profits. Gloconsol believes there is something in between that can benefit the interests of all parties involved, as long as there is a linking pin between parties to accelerate innovation and cooperation. Creating awareness with governmental institutions while presenting possibilities towards for-profit organizations can be this linking pin, all with the objective to provide general improvements in a modern-day world.

More and more multinational companies are relying on external support to streamline their infrastructure and processes. Besides the daily routine, Gloconsol believes that support can also initiate new innovation concepts. With a joint innovation program and a joint innovation fund, out-of-the-box initiatives can flourish and evolve into continuous business improvement.