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Opportunity Development

Certain opportunity leads are recognized but need further development into a more refined concept. Where the Opportunity Scan provides genera leads to the possibilities of developing innovative opportunities, the Opportunity Development emphasize on only one or a few opportunities. With this in-depth investigation, a larger scale of resources is used to provide our client with value-adding information. We will investigate the direct and indirect environment of the market of the product or service in order to extract knowledge from related industries. This will result in a combined report of the current activities in the industry as well as directions of expectations in the future. All practical applications and possibilities of the concept will be elaborated, which will lead to further development. Questions will arise like, how to develop, what will be necessary, who is involved, what is the business potential of the concept, will potential partners strengthen the innovation, can open innovation be valuable, etc. In a thorough investigation, we will also include financial data. Like mentioned before, every approach is based on the individual desires of the client.

Process Opportunity Development

1. Idea Generation:
Information sources, Brainstorming, Knowledge brokering, Inventive thinking

2. Process Development:
Classification level 1 & 2, Competition, Expectation

3. Resources and Structures:
Human resources, Productive resources, Infrastructure, Financial structure

4. Results:
How, Who, Where, When